Generic JS (TS) Tenant-wide Module please

Feature: Actions.

Description: Would like to code it fluently, securely and nicely.

Use-case: Based on my experience with Actions so far - it drastically lacks an ability to provide some Tenant-wide private reusable modules/code.

Simple example - storing field mappings object and maybe even common helpers for transition, between Auth0-schema, to Application-specific schema, IN SINGLE PLACE. Not in all actions, copypasted.

Or - introducing some Tenant (or even App/Action)-specific configuration in a single place.

In my personal perspective (based on already 3 projects with Auth0) - being able to provide a codebase for such simple “module” at the Tenant-level - would create a lot of flexibility for further development and utilization of Actions concept, and make whole Actions codebase per-project a LOTS cleaner.

BR, Seva.

Hi @seva.zagorodniy,

Thanks for the feature request (and very cool idea!). Please don’t forget to add a “Vote” for this topic. Thank you!

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