several questions about Auth0

Before I make the decision, I still have several questions about Auth0

  1. in-house solution

I heard there is in-house solution, which we can set all internally, but I can’t find out the related document.

Could you please provide the details/url about it?

  1. team account to manage the end users (Clients).

I need a team or organization level account, which can be accesseded by a team. All members of that team can be the admin (or if Auth0 can provide fine-grained access control, that’s better).

If can, could you share details about this feature?

  1. how to cancel “sign-up” feature?

My project need disable the “sign-up” feature for end users, and only allow auth0 admin to register new users. The end user can only sign-in.

If can, how to do that?

  1. how to set expired day to each user.

Do you have the feature that auth0 admin can set an expired date when sign-up/register a new user or update the expired day for the user?

If can, how to do that?

  1. how to add a customised token to each end user?

My project need to set an extra token for each user, different to each user, do you have this feature? And I feed to my application to validate this token as well.

If can, how to set it?

  1. I need to link many services in the backend, so auth0 admin need to register the user to only access several services.

So how to allow users to access some services but not others.

Best regards.