Setting up, as a new user, the ability to add metadata fields, specifically date of birth

We are new to Auth0, plan is to have email, Amazon, Facebook, Google connections but because of content we need to be able to stream by age. From other posts have seen we can use meta_data but not it is not clear how we might be able to integrate this requirement on a standard basis across all the connection types

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Hey there Paul!

I guess here you have everything that you need:

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Hey Konrad,

I actually came here to post the same question.

I have implemented user_metadata for sign up with email without any issue.

However I cannot figure out how to implement it for connection: 'google-oauth2'

Here is my webAuth athorize block:

  connection: 'google-oauth2',
  user_metadata: {
    promo_code: promoCode
  redirectUri: redirectUri,

However I cannot seem to get it to work using google-oauth2
If I try and use webAuth.signup instead of webAuth.authorize it says I need to pass an email and password.

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Konrad, thanks for the response, the documents weren’t that helpful. From what I understand in order to validate against anything other than an email, mobile or social login you need to

capture the field in metadata, (meta data can only be text no integers or numbers)
use the api to get the metadata into your own database,
convert to a number
do the calculation
send an accept / decline back to auth0
which then sends a mesage back to the app

This only work for email and mobile, where social media is used then none of the the above works and any decline of the account has to take place after they have been accepted onto AuthO

I just posted my solution to this problem on akobrandon’s post here:

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

Thanks for the solution.Thanks a lot.


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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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