Setting up a new Client with Custom Data


I’m new to Auth0 so pardon the lack of depth in my knowledge, but I need to add some custom data as part of setting up a new Client and to be able to return this data as part of the Access Token request by this client.

I’ve managed to return some custom data (e.g. claims etc) by embedding them into the Access Token using Actions. However, I’ve not yet found a way to Add this custom data while setting up my Client.

Is this something supported by Auth0? Help much appreciated.


Step 1: Deploy a Free Tier Cluster
If you haven’t done so already, visit
this link
and follow along to deploy a free tier cluster. This cluster will be where we store and manage the data associated with our data API.

Step 2: Load Sample Datasets into Your Atlas Cluster
MongoDB Atlas offers several sample datasets that you can easily deploy once you launch a cluster. Load the sample datasets by clicking on the three dots button to see additional options, and then select “Load Sample Dataset.” This process will take approximately five minutes and will add a number of really helpful databases and collections to your cluster. Be aware that these will consume approximately 350mb of storage. If you intend to use your free tier cluster for an application, you may want to remove some of the datasets that you no longer need. You can always re-deploy these should you need them.
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