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Setting IP ranges for IP authentication (via Managment API)




Is it possible to set the allowed IP ranges for an IP Authentication connection, via the management API?



Hi @robertbcurtis

Have you tried going to Connections > Enterprise > IP Address Authentication > Settings > IP range.

Not sure that’s exactly what you’ve asked but it’s the closest we offer given the description you’ve given.

Let me know how that goes, please.


Hi @lobo,
I’m looking at doing this via the api (the management API) as it’s something we’d need to update fairly frequently and it shouldn’t require human intervention.



Hi @robertbcurtis , thanks for the details.
It cannot be used in production yet, it’s on BETA. Might release it before mid2018, but still not a defined ETA. Only accounts marked as development can use it.


This seems to be possible now. I was able to add an IP connection on a ‘production’ tenant using the below test in Postman.

Which created:

I also found that the only way the IP authentication actually works is if you only store the CIDR range format of the IP, i.e. “”.

Hope that helps!