setAppMetadata during Pre-User-Registration using passwordless connections

I’ve been having issues trying to populate metadata in a pre-user-registration action using a passwordless sms connection. I want to allow user signups but also check to see whether the user’s phone number has already been whitelisted on our application database with an invite. I stumbled across this topic explaining that it’s a known bug that api.user.setAppMetadata doesn’t fire during pre-registration using passwordless connections, which leads me to think that this is also true for setUserMetadata: Adding user to default role, passwordless flow - #4 by mitchell.anderson

Is this still an active issue, and if so, is there any information on when a fix might be coming? I don’t have a firm idea of how to alternatively implement this. Perhaps with an older hook or rule?

Hi @bkensey,

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I have just tested the Pre-User Registration Hook and can confirm your observations.

Currently, this is a known bug and included in our Engineers backlog to fix once our code freeze has lifted. The freeze is anticipated to be lifted early in 2022.

For now, I recommend using a Rule or Action as a workaround. Take a look at this Rule and Action examples for details.

Hoped this answers your questions.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.


To be clear, I was trying to use the pre registration action, not the hook, but after time spent today on this it appears that the hook is also affected by this bug.

Hi @bkensey,

Thank you for your clarification.

I should have been clearer that both Actions and Hooks share the same functionality and are affected by this issue.

Nonetheless, I have reported the issue to our Engineers, and we expect it to be fixed after the code freeze is removed.


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