Set upstream_params on social connection


I try to add custom static parameter to my upstream IDP. I follow this documentation

I can get the option for my connection via the management API.
I add the upstream_params object and try to update the connection by calling:
PATCH url: http://{{auth0_domain}}/api/v2/connections/:id
with the body:

    "options": {
        "scope": "openid scope_all",
        "scripts": {
            "fetchUserProfile": "function(accessToken, ctx, cb) {\n    const profile = {};\n    // Call OAuth2 API with the accessToken and create the profile\n    cb(null, profile);\n  }"
        "tokenURL": "",
        "client_id": "XXX",
        "client_secret": "XXX",
        "authorizationURL": "",
            "acr_values": {"value":"eidas1"}

but this return the same result than the get connection by id without the upstream_params
and the connection is not updated
Any ideas?

Hi @Troopers,

Some connection types don’t support them. If you share what type of connection are you using, I can confirm it is possible. Thanks

Hi @dan.woda, I created my social connection from the custom social connection

I created a new custom social connection and sent the same upstream_params payload with success.

I used the Management API Explorer to complete the request. Have you tried it?

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Hi dan,
Strangely it works with the management API Explorer but not with Postman.
Have you an idea why?
Thanks you for your help

Can you send a screenshot of your postman setup? Please remove/obscure sensitive info.

Authorization token is inherited from collection

A simple body like this doesn’t work in Postman either
“options”: {
“scope”: “openid”,