Set up SSO Session After Creating User via Management API

It would be nice if there was a way to automatically log the user in to a SSO session once the account is created via the management api so the user can start using the app right away.

Something like generating a token via the management api and sending the user to a auth0 url with the token. It would automatically drop the cookie and the user would be logged in.

Could also use this technology for an “impersonation” feature which software like Keycloak has…

I’d really like to use Auth0, but this is kind of a deal breaker… users need to start using apps ASAP without needing to log in right after creating an account…


If you use the normal registration flow, the user is signed in after the flow is complete.

Regarding other approaches (and impersonation), I agree these features are nice to have, but I think the security behind them is very challenging.


I see. Is it safe to assume that Auth0 will not implement this feature?

This feature would be pretty useful.