Sessions never times out nor invalidates after shutting down the browser

Hi community,

We have a Next.js app and need to add authentication/authorization. I started with Auth0 evaluation yesterday and probably missing the point completely. Please be patient.

I cloned the example and published the app unmodified here: My app Next.js/Auth0 example app. It’s at GitHub too. Feel free and register and test.

Issue: Sessions never time out nor invalidate after shutting down the browser.

I checked this community post unsuccessfully. All the settings simply do not change anything. Non-persistent sessions neither work.

I used Chrome, Firefox and Safari on macOS. A colleague checked on MS Windows.

The app has back button issues too, but I did not do much testing. I’ll address this in another post after more doing more research.

Thanks for any help.

Hey there @don-esteban !

Can you share a link to the example that you used in your implementation so we can help you better in troubleshooting this? Typically how we approach such situations is that in order to handle that most effectively and work with example maintainers directly we would like you to open a GitHub issue in the example repo.

Once that’s done please share a link to the issue you created so we can ping the repo maintainers. Thank you!

Hi @konrad.sopala.

Thanks for your reply. Sure I’ll do. But not quite sure, which repo/example you refer to. Probably this one: nextjs-auth0/examples/basic-example at main · auth0/nextjs-auth0 · GitHub.

I could not locate the base-example in this repo. To be more precise. I did not refer to or used an example from any repo. I used/downloaded the example, better said starter app, one gets in the Dashboard → Applications → My App → Quick Start tab.

I used an unmodified copy of this download here (deployed on Vercel) and here (public GitHub repo).

Later (currently busy), I’ll download and test the basic example in the repo I mentioned above. If it reproduces the error, I’ll proceed as you proposed.

Anyhow, I’ll report progress or failure. Thanks.

Hi again. I reproduced the same behavior with the example/basic-example and I filed an issue. Sessions never times out nor invalidates after shutting down the browser · Issue #1219 · auth0/nextjs-auth0 · GitHub

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Perfect! Will ping the repo maintainers in a few minutes!

Thanks @konrad.sopala. The repo maintainers resolved this. My comments there:

Hi and sorry for the late feedback. Thanks. This resolves the issue. Especially the link to the docs was helpful! With that information, I could manage all session needs we have. I’m still confused about the (for me) not working dashboard configuration, but further reading/practice certainly will resolve this too. No additional help required for the moment. Thanks.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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