Session Analytics


We want to implement session anayltics.

Ideally we would like to know for how long a user is signed in, or how long a user has been in a specific page. Is there any way that auth0 can help us achieve this?


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You’ll likely want to build that into you app directly, and / or use something like Google Analytics. Auth0 is not going to provide the kinds of page / application session analytics you are looking for. Auth0 doesn’t really know anything about your app, and once a token is issued the user is off on their own until they need a new token.


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Yep basically we do not offer anything ready to use when it comes to analytics. If you build a web solution then I would go with Google Analytics as Mark suggested, if mobile then potentially Mixpanel. Based on our logs feature you can of course build some analytics around that but that will require lot more digging and development.

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