Separate login and register forms (not both), and embedded rather than redirect?

This is really two questions.

  1. Is there a way (using the widget) to make a form only for login, and another form only for signup? So that one could put a login-only form on a /login page, and a signup-only form on a /signup page?

  2. If so, can these forms be embedded in my webpage? So that at, one would see my custom navbar, and whatever content I put on the page, and also the Auth0 form there, embedded in that page, wherever I put it, allowing the user to log in but NOT to sign up?


Hey there @nth-chile, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Not with the widget or universal login, but you can disable signup leveraging the power of Lock. Can you share more insight on the platform/stack you’re working with? Thanks in advance!

Thanks @James.Morrison ! It is a Node/React/NextJS project. I think we would like to avoid building the UI from scratch, but are comfortable with any other way to make this happen!

Sadly that’s the only real option we have at this time for swapping the login/sign up orientation. However if you would like to see this added in the future to the Universal Login, please let us know at Thanks!

Ok, so allowSignup and allowLogin options (see below link) will not be an option for the widget?

That will change the position but also disable the option of your choosing which I thought you wanted to still retain correct?

Yep, I want to make two separate things:

And I want to have other content on those pages as well. In other words, I want to EMBED the forms into those pages.

I want to remove the tabs at the top of the form that let you choose between login and signup

allowLogin and allowSignup both default to true.

So, could I use allowSignup: false to create the login form, and allowLogin: false to create the signup form? Would doing that remove the tabs from the forms?

Additionally, could I use that very same method to embed the forms, so that I can include other content on the pages?


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