Sending Data from Web to Universal Login Landing Page using "@auth0/nextjs-auth0"

Hello Auth0 community,

I’m using Next.js for my application and leveraging the “@auth0/nextjs-auth0” package for authentication, including the Universal Login form.

My question is: Is it possible to send data from my web application and utilize it pre-login on the Universal Login landing page? My goal is to provide a link to a specific page that users can access in case they choose not to log in (this is a functional requirement for my application).

I noticed that it’s possible to achieve this using the “@auth0/auth0-react” package. How to pass data between Webpage and Auth0 Login Page?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards, Giorgi

Bumping this. I have a similar use case but i’m using Liquid Templates. It would be nice if i could also include some contextual rendering on the form (the template is set up for it but the value needs to be passed).