Sending a request to the client application once the session expires

I’d like to implement a mechanism so that a user, that’s logged into the client application via auth0, would get their application session destroyed once the auth0 session expires. Is there hook or rule or something of that sort that could be configured so I could send a request to the client application to destroy the user session? Or is this the wrong approach? Thanks in advance

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What stack of Auth0 are you using?

Hi, so, sorry for misleading you. I actually have 2 client applications.

I’m using Rails with devise and omniauth-auth0 on one of the client applications.

But the other one is a Flask client application which uses flask-security-too and I’d have to be able to log the user out from both applications once the session has expired.

Cool! I cannot speak for flask-security tool that you mentioned as it’s not developed by Auth0 but can I ask you to create a GitHub issue for that in our omniauth-auth0 repo so we can have that addressed directly with the repo maintainers? Once you have a link to it you can share it here so we can ping them. Thank you!

Here it is, hope it helps: How do I logout a user from my client app once his auth0 session has expired? · Issue #137 · auth0/omniauth-auth0 · GitHub

Thanks for your assistance

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No worries! We’re here for you! I’m gonna ping them in a few minutes

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Hi, was just wondering if there’s any progress?

Hey there!

The team is aware of that but they have some other things they are currently working on and will get back to you

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