Send Slack Message After New User Sign Up with Auth0 Actions

Use Auth0 Actions with webhooks to send a Slack message after a new user signs up.
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As you’ve seen, Actions let you build apps quickly and easily.
Let us know if you have any questions on this front!

I would like to see a zapier version of this :wink:


I’ve just done this and it’s all working, but it doesn’t work with social login signups. What can I hook into for that?

Followed this:


Great post and easy to follow! I wonder how much work would it be to package it and have it on the market as a ready integration as well? New users will definitely find it useful.


Hey @ghenry,

User registration triggers do not execute for social connections.

You can use the Post Login trigger to use this with socila connections.


Thanks. I can reuse the same custom action too I think?

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If you meant the same custom code, then yes you can.

Just change the trigger, and you should be golden.

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