Send Out Alert if Password Is Not Valid

Is there any way to send out an alert to another service if the user attempts to login with a bad password? For instance if they just fat finger their password, we’d like to receive an alert so that we can create a record of that on our end.

In the Login Database Action Script there is a WrongUsernameOrPasswordEmail object. Is there any way to use that or possible any way to use that branch of the if/else to send out an alert?


Hey there @malcolm.carradine, I apologize for the delay in getting you a response.

There is nothing out of the box that enables you to do this, however that being said you may be able to write some custom code to help you accomplish this leveraging the management API. I would recommend visiting us at and sharing the details of your use case. Each of these submissions are read by our product team and help shape what the future looks on the feature front. Thank you.

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