Securing Gatsby with Auth0

Great writeup! Any recommendations / updates to this process for Gatsby V4 (Includes SSR)?

** The comment from vacilando about the File System Route API is pretty important as well.

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Reaching out to appropriate team regarding that

reach router is not supported on react 17, so the code relating to reach/router will not work. I was wondering if you could update this tutorial with the react-router v6 version. I have managed to get the tutorial working with react-router v6 equalivalent code, but it was difficult for me to get there as a react/gatsby/auth0 newbie. My updated version of this tutorial is available at gatsby-auth0 tutorial with react router v6

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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Hey, i just followed the tutorial and everithing work perfectly except the fact that when I refresh my page on Brave the username doesn’t stay but in firefox it work perfectly. Do you know how I can fix this to work on Brave ?