Auth0 Lock - Gatsby

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to use Auth0 Lock in a Gatsby project? I have a Gatsby project and would like to implement “Signup” only without the “login” but am finding it not possible.

Any suggestions would be highly welcome.

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to look through our docs on Lock for Web?

Thanks Konrad. We have and have tried to implement it but have been unsuccessful. Do you know if it is possible to implement Lock for Web on SSR projects (Gatsby)?

Gotchya! Not sure as I’m not a web guy but let me discuss it with my colleague and get back to you!

Awesome. Thanks Konrad! If you’ve got any suggestions, do let us know. We’re able to implement in a React app easily but SSR has been impossible for us to figure out.

Sure! Will get back to you as soon as I got any info back!

Hello Konrad,

Do you have any infos to share regarding web lock in SSR ?



Not yet @NicolasR unfortunately bet let me reping the person I asked!

I was working on another topic regarding this. It looks like users are able to get it working here:

Here is the topic I came from: