Secure LDAP (SLDAP) connector for Active Directory Authentication

Hi there,
I have configured an active directory enterprise connection which authorizes users via LDAP.
This functions great, however my client has queried how secure the process is and if secure SLDAP is available?
The question from my client:
Just to confirm can you set SLDAP TCP 636 port with Auth0 all the doco I’ve been reading has been TCP 389?

I just need some reassurance/documentation to give the client that this process is safe for their corporate environment.

Can anyone assist with the question above or provide any useful links that I can share and document?
Thank You

Yes, you can use LDAP over TLS with the connector; when configuring you would provide an LDAP URL with the scheme ldaps:// instead of regular LDAP. With this configuration if the directory service is configured to use TLS with a self-signed certificate then additional configuration may be required, but secure LDAP (LDAP over TLS) is supported.


I also recieved the following info from support:

As shown in the diagram at AD/LDAP Connector, there are 2 legs stretching out from the Auth0 AD/LDAP connector, one towards the Auth0, and the other towards your LDAP server.

The connection between AD/LDAP connector and Auth0 is based on HTTPS which is encrypted.
The connection between AD/LDAP connector and LDAP server could be encrypted by using the LDAPS protocol. The document (AD/LDAP Connector System Requirements) has mentioned that it supports both LDAP and LDAPS.

Hope it clears your doubts and let me know if you need further clarify.

Thank you for your response I really appreciate it!

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