Secure application communication between UI and CLI using Auth0

Hello Folks, I’m working on application that consist of backend/UI which receives data from cli and I’m seeking advice on what’s best practice to secure this type of scenario using Auth0? Let me please give you some context and my overview: UI: - Authenticate users via auth0 using JWT software as service. After successful login auth0 returns user profile details. - Storing all user details in database including cliet_id, token, profile info etc. CLI: - The cli will be running on Unix based servers sending data to the UI/DB - Communication between the UI and cli will be secured by the JWT token, which is not containing any user details. How could I verify user identity from the cli? - Using user based token from Auth0 - How to generate one? - Generating custom JWT token on the backend side containing all used details so it could be passed to the cli. - Perhaps asking the user to login via the cli/command line. How this could be integrated using golang? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

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