Secret base 64 encoded in debugger


I can’t understand what the “Secret base64 encoded” in the debugger do.

With php-jwt library I can generate the same tokens of the debugger if I don’t use “Secret base64 encoded” in the debugger. But when I base64encode my secret in php-jwt the result aren’t the same: the debugger with the “Secret base64 encoded” flag generate the correct tokens I need for my application, my code doesn’t.

I noticed this isn’t the first time this issue is brought to light but I found no answers in the previous topics.

Someone can tell me what is the correct way to replicate the “secret base64 encoded” output of the debugger? I can provide key and code if useful. Thank you!

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Hey there!

I think it will be useful to tackle that directly with the tool maintainers. Would you be able to reach out to Sam Bego one of our developer advocates (who maintains via Twitter or Linkedin? Thank you!