Searching for Kotlin/JVM desktop client recommendations

I’m intending to port an Android application that uses Auth0 for authentication to Kotlin Compose for desktop. I’m OK with handling the authentication in platform specific code, but I can’t find any good recent examples targeting the JVM.

I found Create an Application in Kotlin and Secure It Using JWTs which doesn’t use the universal login. Is there any example of using the universal login from a JVM application that I could adapt? If not, where should I start reading the documentation?

Thanks for any help here.

Hey there!

I don’t think we have a specific content around it but maybe our most universal toolkit for such stack might be of any help:

It turns out that this project was much simpler than I anticipated. The biggest hurdle was finding where to start. I might turn what I have into a library, but it’s simple enough that it’s probably not necessary. I wrote an article describing the process of using Auth0 in a desktop Java application here: OAuth in Compose for Desktop with Auth0 | by Sean Proctor | Mar, 2022 | Medium


Wohooo! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!