Search from a checkpoint log id


I’m curious if there is a limitation when we take the logs by checkpoint.
I see two documentations, one in which under SET CUSTOM SEARCH CRITERIA there is the LIMITATIONS section and under SEARCH FROM A CHECKPOINT LOG ID there is no limitation and one where both methods are described (search criteria and checkpoint) and below them is the LIMIT section. It is a little unclear to me whether or not there is a limitation to the checkpoint method. A clear example would be, if I give as checkpoint the first existing log and there are over 1000 logs, will I receive them all?
If so, how are they paginated? I would have expected to find a set of logs + a new ULR in response to a request. That URL should be to find the next set of logs. And so on until there is no URL in response to the request. But, I do not see such a mechanism through documentation.
Maybe I didn’t find it. Can someone help me please understand how I can get all the logs using the checkpoint method?

From the retrieve log events doc:

You can use the Management API to retrieve up to 100 log events per request using the /logs/get_logs endpoint

They are paginated by the number of results you request in the per_page param.

For example, if you pass per_page=50 and page=0, you will get logs 0-49, starting from the log you passed in the from param.

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