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Sandbox Error on update email user




I use PHP application (Ezpublish/Symfony). I use Auth0 for SSO Connection and to update users informations, I called the api ( api/v2/users) with curl request :

  • For email update
  • For password update
  • For user informations update

All the services are functional for the different environments (production and pre-production). But know, without don’t touch anything, on production environment, update email generate error :

Fail to update email User : Bad Request : Sandbox Error: undefined {"email":"","email_verified":true,"connection":"Username-Password-Authentication","client_id":"********************************"}

All the others services are functional and update email in preproduction is functional too.

I don’t have any logs more explicit to explain why my request is “Bad” .

Thank’s for help


Similar to this topic, I’ve also tried to update a user’s email via the management API (PATCH request in node.js):

let options = { 
    method: 'PATCH',
    url: AUTH0_ISSUER + 'api/v2/users/' + encodeURIComponent(userID),
    headers: { 
        'authorization': `Bearer ${auth0Token.access_token}`
    body: { 
        email: email,
        connection: 'XXXXX',
        client_id: AUTH0_API_CLIENT_ID
    json: true
request(options, function (error, response, body) {
    if (error) {

And I get the same error:

{ statusCode: 400,
error: 'Bad Request',
message: 'Sandbox Error: undefined' }

I’ve tried updating user emails in the dashboard (on any tenant) I get an error here too “Sandbox Error: Email address not recognised” - the email was previously verified:

I can’t find any details about this error, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if tenant settings may be the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


@crmcginty Did you manage to resolve this? We seem to be experiencing the same issue