Sample react app login again after refresh

I just cloned the sample 01 react app and logged in. After refreshing the browser it shows “Could not get a new token (login_required: Login required).” and I have to login again. How to fix this?

Take a look at the answer at SPA + Embedded Login + Token Refresh Strategy?, see if any of the possibilities apply to your case.

I don’t know which one is my case, I am using Chrome with disabled security for cross domain check so I don’t think any of those applies. I expect the first example I run for auth0 integration to be able to handle this or mention it in the doc if there is another setting that needs to be done.

Are you testing this with a social connection? If so, have you set up your own keys, or are you using Auth0’s developer keys? Dev keys have many limitations, one of them being that you don’t get a valid SSO session.

If you have set up your own keys, please record a .HAR file as instructed in and attach it here (remember to obscure any passwords used).
Make sure to include the first login and the subsequent refresh and silent token retrieval attempt.