SAMLResponse Audience is invalid

Hello there :wave:
I’m facing a problem using a SAML enterprise connection for the SP initiated SAML flow.
The IdP is sending a SAMLResponse but Auht0 Logs show:

Audience is invalid. Configured: urn:auth0:tigerpistol-qa:uberall-dev

The saml response contains the correct <saml:Audience> tag:


Did someone face this issue as well? Which could be the problematic node in the assertion that could cause this problem?

Thank you!

Hi @primo,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This is a documented error on our Troubelshoot SAML Configurations page.

In short, the error happens when the audience element from the IdP SAML response does not math the value expected by Auth0. Auth0 expects the value to be the Entity ID for the connection.

See this doc for more instructions.


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