Rule UnauthorizedError behaves differently between my two apps. I want to use your error pages

I have 2 apps

1 is the sample .NET 2.1 from yourselves.
The other is our Discourse tenant.

I have a rule that validates the email domain.

When I try to access the Discourse app with a user that causes the rule to throw a UnauthorizedError I am correctly sent to one of your hosted error pages that includes the UnauthorizedError message under technical details. This is great!

When I perform the same login via the .NET Core web app I am instead redirect to the /callback endpoint of the .net core app … I would rather be sent to your error page so I don’t have to create and handle the error in the app.

How do I make the .NET core web app behave like the discourse app?

Discourse is using SSO configuration.

Discourse is constructing this:


The .NET App is some what different:

My money is that because the redirect_uri is specified it expects my app to handle the error.

Is there a way for me to change the .NET Core app code so it doesn’t specify the this?

Anyone able to support?

Hey there!

Sorry for such huge delay in response! We’re doing our best in providing you with best developer support experience out there, but sometimes our bandwidth is not enough comparing to the number of incoming questions.

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