[Rule Request] Redirect on expired reset password ticket + set expiration date

As i already know, We can configure the expiration date of the ticket and the redirect via the email template settings.
However, If we are sending an email to the user with the reset password ticket as given by auth0 (https://aidock.auth0.com/lo/reset?ticket=TICKET_ID#) , We have the following issue:
1.Auth0 won’t set the ticket expiration date as we configured at the email template screen, Instead the expiration date will be around 24hrs.
2.In case the ticket will be expired, We can’t redirect to our Website, Also we can’t redirect in a success password reset ( i can only change the text and make a click listener).

So i thought about a Custom Rule, That will redirect to a custom website in case the ticket has expired and a custom rule for the expiration date.

Is it possible? can i have an example on how can i use the auth0 data and change it?