Router page does not work

Hello, I installed auth0 and I have few problems. One is that my rourter.php page does not work. I installed steampixel simple-php-router on my PHP8 server, it does not show any error message but also it does nothing. I can login just when I write full login.php. Can you advice me what to check to solve this problem?

Thank you



  // Required stuff
  require_once "_inc/config.php";

  use Steampixel\Route;

  if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] !== '...') {
    die('<p>This quickstart is configured to be run from <a href="http://...">http://...</a>.</p>');

  Route::add('/', function() use ($sdk) {

  Route::add('/login', function() use ($sdk) {

  Route::add('/callback', function() use ($sdk) {

  Route::add('/logout', function() use ($sdk) {


Were you able to get this resolved? I have same exact issue.

Hello, no, I did not solve it yet. I am thinking about another login system.

Thank you for the response.