Role - Default - Is a role assigned by default?

With Auth0 if a user is created and no role is explicitly defined will the user simply have no role or does Auth0 have some sort of rules it uses?

If Auth0 has rules what are these?

Hey there Yair!

I guess the user will have no role. Have you had a chance to check that document of ours?

Hi Konrad

I have looked through the docs.
It is not 100% clear if there are any rules if no role has explicitly been assigned whether no role is assigned or if the top one is.

I just wanted to make sure so I can cater for it if a role is defaulted if none is provided.


I just validated that and when you create a new user either with Management API or through the Dashboard the user have no roles assigned.

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Thank you Konrad it makes sense

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No worries! We’re here for you!

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