Role-Based Access Control in Blazor Applications

Learn how to use roles in your Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications to implement the RBAC authorization model.
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Thanks for the great post

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Thanks a lot! We’re happy to hear that!

Hey @caseyspaulding, thank you very much for your feedback! :pray:

What a great article, really helped me out. Is there any chance of publishing an article detailing how to incorporate the Password Reset feature of Auth0 into a Blazor application. Many thanks.


Hello @david43,
Welcome to the Auth0 Community! I’m glad my article helped you! :muscle:

Regarding password reset, your user should be able to reset their password through the Universal Login page. See this document for more info.
What is the issue you are experiencing? What is your use case?

Many thanks Andrea for your quick response. I’m using Universal Login and didn’t actually see the “Forgot password” link. This solves my perceived problem.

Perhaps you can tell me how I can check whether the user is actually logged in or not in a Blazor application. I assume this would be similar to your AccessControl component in your tutorial to determine whether the user is authorized or not.

Many thanks in advance.

Hey @david43,
You are right. You can use the AuthorizeView component to show UI parts based on user’s authentication state. By default, a user is authorized if they are authenticated.
I you want to check the login status in your code, you should access the AuthenticationState.
See here for an example.

Many thanks Andrea, so very helpful.

Kind regards

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