Role Base Access Control Implementation using auth0-spa-js

I have implemented authentication setup for an angular project using Auth0 with reference to the below link
[Auth0 Angular SDK Quickstarts: Login](http://Authentication for angular)
but I am unable to find a way to implement role-based access control using auth0-spa-js. Can anyone tell me how to get the scope values and implement RBAC using auth0-spa-js?

Hi there @sudharsan.ramanujam!

Most of RBAC is implemented with regard to the API and in your Dashboard.

Essentially, you create roles with permissions and assign them to users in the Dashboard. These permissions are specific to an API, in which you will enable RBAC. The permissions can come back as part of the access token if you choose. You can also add or read roles using Rules. From there, in the Angular app, you’ll just get those roles from the payload that comes back from Auth0 and use them in your app.

Here are some relevant docs for you:

Hope that helps!

Sam Julien