Role assignment with resource filters


I have seen Kim Maida’s posts on RBAC and Authorization extension. Wanted to know if Auth0 is considering the use case of resource filtering.

Specifically, let’s say a group of users has role Device Operator, but only for devices with classification of xyz. In this case, I would like to store an opaque “filter string” with the assignment which is made available at the time of authorization (in a rule context or token).

Then the resource service can use this filter to further restrict which devices, a user in that group will be allowed to access.


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As far as I know it’s not doable as of now using our stack unfortunately. I would highly suggest filing in a feature request to our product managers using our product form:

Thanks @konrad.sopala. I will do that.

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Thanks! The more people advocating for certain feature and filing in feature requests we have the more likely that feature will get implemented