Right way to setup Auth0 across multiple environments (DTAP)

Hey community,

We are looking for best practices on how to setup Auth0 across multiple environments, namely in traditional DTAP stages (development, testing, acceptance, production) model?
Quite obviously each of the stages has it’s own partially-overlapping set of users accessing same components.

Hi @constantine

That’s an open ended question. What are you using for CI/CD (deploy-cli? Terraform)?

For users, be careful about generating new users and using them during testing, that will increase your MAU count.

If you’ll post some details here, I might be able to help further.


Hi @john.gateley,

Thank you for a fast response! It is intentionally open-ended since I don’t know the right answer and I’m looking for options and will consider all of them.

Now that you mentioned terraform I realized that there’s an Auth0 provider (didn’t know it existed) which implicitly answered my question. Thank you!