Returning invalid data from PostLoginAction can result in halted sign-in ❗️

Feature: When providing invalid data for a postLoginAction, it should not halt the entire sign-in process.

Description: I have experienced this here:


I’m developing a PostLoginAction and by accident returned the wrong type.

Thanks again for your feedback and reporting this, @alexab!

Hi @alexab, as you might have noticed, we’ve recently introduced some improvements to the programming model for Actions. Among other things, users of this feature are no longer responsible for constructing (sometimes complex) return values to signal their intent. Instead, side effects are requested by interacting with the new 2nd argument, api.

We’d love to hear what you think!

The API and 2nd argument looks very promising. I will refactor an action and get back to you with feedback (if needed :relaxed: )

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Totally! Thanks a lot Alex!