Resource Owner Password Flow for Passwordless connections


I’m trying to auto log in users in - similar use case to Automatic login after creating Auth0 user

However we are using passwordless auth… Basically I need to generate an access token for an SPA on behalf of my users - when they visit our app via link from a source we trust.

Trying to get my head around grant types and which hoops I have to jump thru - from what I can see the Resource Owner Password flow defines the problem I have, and a solution for non passwordless connections.

How would I do this for passwordless?

Ok - just found this Big inconsistency in API for passwordless

Which is super disappointing to say the least…

Hey there!

Unfortunately. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience! The only thing I can do to help you is to advocate for that feature but I also encourage you to file a feature request providing all the context to our product team through our product feedback form: