Request a load-test when testing our own product

Problem statement

We intend to perform load testing on an internal product that uses Auth0 to authenticate to our own product services.

After reading your Load Testing Policy, we are unclear as to whether or not we need to submit a formal load-test request.

The Load Testing Policy indicates that we may need to alert you and schedule time for load testing to occur. Our understanding is that we would need to schedule a specific period only if we plan on testing the Auth0 system directly, which we are not.

The scope of our testing is much more narrow. We intend to specifically test our own product: Auth0 is only a secondary part of the test as far as we require to make authentication calls etc.

Do we need to schedule a specific time to conduct a load test for our own product, even though Auth0 is not the main focus of our test?


Yes, you must submit a load-test request if your testing will, in any way, touch Auth0 infrastructure. This would include any kinds of test that will generate any requests to Auth0.

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to open a support ticket and provide a brief outline of your proposed test. We will then advise as to whether you should submit a load-test request.