RenewAuth is always ended up in timeout error

I use Auth0-js 8.7.0 version.
RenewAuth is always ended up in “timeout during authentication renew” error.
However, during renew process:

  • I can see new auth token in parseHash results in /refresh-token callback
  • I send authResult or error using postMessage to the parent window.

It’s interesting that with Auth0-js 8.6.* version renew authentication process goes smoothly.

The information you provided is not sufficient to provide a definitive answer, ideally, including the code for the page that handles the callback and the Auth0.js configuration and call to renewAuth would allow to troubleshoot this better.

However, you mention that it works when you switch versions so there’s one thing to have in mind; version 8.6.1 included a fix for an issue introduced with version 8.6.0 related to this functionality. Please ensure that you don’t use version 8.6.0 neither in the callback page nor in the main application (it’s not likely that you do because 8.6.1 was released just a few hours after it) but nevertheless it’s something worth checking. If the problem persists do update your question with more information to troubleshoot.