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Renew passwordless idToken in cordova app


Is there anyway to refresh a idToken/session (obtained via passwordless) when running the auth0-js inside a cordova application?

  • I can’t use checkSession as that includes a codepath that breaks if the current origin is not HTTP(S)
  • auth0-cordova SDK doesn’t include anything that would help with checkSession (and we already use it’s InAppBrowser technique to complete passwordless verification)

I’ve tried putting together the URL via buildAuthorizeUrl using prompt: “none” and responseMode: “web_message” but the resulting URL returns an “Oops!, something went wrong” error (it returned an “invalid redirect URL” until I added the app bundle origin to the CORS list).

Is there anything I can do to extend the session, or is auth0 simply not the right product for what I need?