Remember me option in universal login

Hi , I am using universal login for my SPA . Is there any way to implement remember me or any similar approach in universal login?

Hey there @aravind.somashekar!

Not sure about it when using Universal Login. Let me check our docs and potentially discuss it with the team and get back to you!

In our product by default the user is remembered until the auth0 cookie is expired. This cookie is always set. The customer needs a v2/logout call if they really make sure that the user isn’t remembered next time.

With Lock it isn’t possible to implement remember me button. With a custom login widget perhaps a workaround can be possible.

E.g. You can add a remember me option checkbox. Once it is unset, you store a cookie on the browser. After the user is authenticated and redirected to their app, you can check the cookie state and perform an Auth0 logout sequence. This can log the user out with Auth0, so the next time you redirect the user to the login page, the user has to enter the credentials again.

Hi @konrad.sopala thanks for the quick response, i am using universal login which is seperate from my application , if i provide a checkbox in the universal login page once i get redirected to the callback url, I will no longer be able to access the cookie, so how will we know whether the checkbox was clicked or not? is there a way to send a variable or something to the callback url which indicates whether the checkbox was clicked or not?

I believe there is but need to confirm it internally. Will get back to you soon!

Not sure if you use the custom domains, but if you do , you can share cookies between the login page and the app if both are on the same domain.

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