Register new users

I am new to Auth0 and want to confirm a few things.

I want to use an Auth0 M2M app/service on my backend server to handle any manual user administration actions. For that I have setup an Auth0 M2M app, granted it the correct scopes and made sure it can administer the app I am building. The URL I use to request a token from is which is the Auth0 Management API.

That seems to work well. When I then want to register a test user I use the following link and I get a 404 error. What end point should I call? Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there @fcbarnard welcome to the community!

Your approach is exactly what’s recommended :slight_smile: That is indeed the correct endpoint to create a user. Can you confirm your your access token has the create:users scope? It might help both setting an access token directly in the Management API documentation linked above, and decoding the token at to make sure everything looks good. If you want to share the decoded token here (redacting any sensitive info) I’d be happy to take a look as well.