Regarding authentication w Hybrid Electron / NextJS App

I have a NextJS web application deployed using the awesome ‘@auth0/nextjs-auth0’ package for auth. I’m currently building an electron version of the same app and I followed this slightly outdated guide: Build and Secure an Electron App - OpenID, OAuth, Node.js, and Express

With the exception that instead of using the demo app or demo api, I’m attempting to access data from my deployed NextJS api routes. I’m able to successfully obtain an access token for my electron app and sign in, but I’m running into issues subsequently accessing data from the NextJS API. I realized that the deployed app / api has only been configured via env variables (AUTH0_CLIENT_ID, AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET) to know about the next frontend, and has no knowledge of my electron application, so whenever I access a page protected with withApiAuthRequired, I see the ‘The user does not have an active session or is not authenticated’ message. What’s the right way to approach auth with this multiple client, single api design?