Refresh user session after profile update


My PHP project uses the following libraries and frameworks:

  • backend Laravel v10.45.1
  • frontend SSR with Laravel blade + livewire
  • auth0/auth0-php v8.11.1
  • auth0/login v7.12.0

In the Auth0 login flow, I add the app_metadata key/values to the tokens to be able to retrieve them through the auth()->user()->myCustomVar property.

A logged user in my app can trigger an update of a key/value in the app_metadata of his profile through the Auth0 management API, this is working fine.
But once the key/value has been updated in Auth0 backend, the new value is not available through the auth()->user()->myCustomVar property, as it is gathered only on login.

How can I refresh the tokens without triggering a logout+login ?

Thanks !