Refresh token authentication

I’m trying to set up using refresh token for my nextjs application. I use the nextjs-auth0 sdk for handling authentication.
I get the refresh token as expected from the session. What I’m wondering is if I need to store and handle re-authentication myself or if it is done automatically by auth0?

To add to this.
I’m really stuck atm. What I want is to re-authenticate the user in the background so they don’t have to log in. I have a “kiosk” mode in my application that should be up on a screen for a long time without the user having to log in again from time to time.
I have looked at using refresh tokens, but I can’t really figure out how the re-authentication process works.

Auth0 automatically handles refresh tokens for re-authentication in the background, ensuring seamless access for your long-running “kiosk” mode.