Refresh Causes loss of loggedIn status......but only on one page

I have an Angular app I’m in the process of building, and I’m running into an odd bug: If I refresh the site (tested in both Chrome and Firefox) on one particular page, the auth.loggedIn property loses it’s ‘true’ status, and I have to log in again. This is what I’ve noticed so far/details:

-I’m not using social login

-This behavior doesn’t happen on any other page of the app, and they are all using a basic authGuard, which is the one in the Angular Quickstart.

-No clear red flags from the console, and Auth0 logs don’t show a logout of any kind.

Has anybody run into anything like this before? I have no obvious breadcrumbs to follow…

Hi @michaelscaveney,

Can you record a HAR of the logout and send it to me in a DM?


Marking this as a fluke, when I went to get the HAR, I noticed that the issue has resolved itself.


Thanks for the update!

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