Refresh access token in iOS causes popup

At one point in my app, I need to refresh the access token to reflect changes that have happened to the account. On iOS, the system dialog is displayed:

"myApp" Wants to Use "" to Sign In
This allows the app and website to share information about you.
Cancel / Continue

Tapping on Continue shows the Auth0 login screen briefly, and then it silently logs in without user interaction. Is there a way to refresh the access token without showing this system dialog?

This is how I am refreshing the access token:

static func attemptAuthentication() {
    let params = someParametersForAnalytics()
        .webAuth(bundle: bundler)
        .scope("openid profile email offline_access")
        .parameters(Dictionary(uniqueKeysWithValues: params))
        .start {
            switch $0 {
            case .failure(let error):
            case .success(let credentials):
                authenticationSucceeded(credentials: credentials, manually: true)

It was suggested to me to try a renew, as outlined here:

1/ as written, it would not compile unless I placed a .authentication() after the Auth0
2/ It worked, but worked exactly as before, with the system dialog that needs to be accepted, and then the ~silent login.

Is this something I’m doing incorrectly? Are the docs noted above incorrect?