RedirectUrl rules (Redirect to a specific page according to user)

Great job on Auth0, it gets better and better the more I delve deeper.

Here’s my question:
Is it possible to redirect according to the login email address?

(Same auth0 client and database. It doesn’t matter if I use the Centralized login or Embedded login.)

Redirects are almost like layers of abstraction… you can always have one more (sometimes at the cost of increased complexity) so technically, yes, you can achieve that.

A few things to have in mind is that the OIDC/OAuth 2.0 authentication that you’re likely relying already defines some redirects in order to complete the authentication flow and those redirects have to follow some rules. In particular, a client application needs to specify a redirect URL that was previously registered (white-listed) with the authorization server, otherwise, the request fails.

The above implies that if you want to redirect each user to a different URL the only way to accomplish this within the OIDC/OAuth2 redirects would be to register them all; this would likely not scale so the recommendation would be that your client application has a central redirect URL used for OIDC/OAuth2 authentication and then upon successful authentication performs a final redirect based on the end-user that just completed authentication.

Is there some doc article that you recommend on this subject?

There is this documentation page, but I think is more aimed at other scenarios where the final redirect is not so much based on an end-user, but instead contextual to what they were doing before authentication.

Quick question: is it safe to expose the clientID?

I’m using the following URL form to get the centralized login page: