Redirection to Other urls not mentioned in Allowed callback urls

In case there is a need to implement authentication for multiple url resources , is Protected Route (auth0-react/ at master · auth0/auth0-react · GitHub) the best way to handle a large no. of callback urls without having the need to specify them under Allowed Callback Urls? If not what is the best way to handle such a scenario?

I did come across documentation suggesting usage of rules or state to handle redirection to other urls but didn’t see any implementation examples. (Redirect Users After Login)
It will be great if somebody can point me in the right direction.

Hi @subhojit

That link (Redirect Users after Login) is the right place to start. I don’t have any examples., sorry.


Thanks John. Are there any examples in the documentation on how to use state ? It will be great if you can point me there.

Hey there!

Maybe these docs and community pages can be helpful:

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