Redirect based on user object property after successful login

I have taken over some legacy code - so forgive me if I miss something obvious. I have been trying to understand the app and auth0 flow the best I can.

Some context is that we use Auth0 for authentication in our single page react app. Everything works fine. We have different roles applied to our users, and I inject those roles into the user object in a rule, and that works fine also.

What I am looking to add is the ability for each role to have a different redirect url, based on that roles work flow. I understand there is a redirect feature in rules, but I am looking for this to happen after the authentication process, not during. (ie I am not adding an extra form, I just want the logged in user to land on a different page based on their role)

Some related code snippets:

      scope="read:current_user update:current_user create:user_tickets read:logs read:logs_users read:roles read:users update:users read:role_members update:current_user_metadata read:current_user_metadata"
  const onRedirectCallback = (appState) => {
    history.push(appState?.returnTo || window.location.pathname);

What currently happens in my onRedirectCallback is that the user is either directed back so their appState before they started the login process, or just the root as a callback. That works fine

I am trying to get access to the user object in my react project, but at this point in the app, it seems that no matter what I do, it is always undefined. I have no issue getting the user object (import { useAuth0, Auth0Provider } from “@auth0/auth0-react”; const { user } = useAuth0(); ) further in the app, but it seems like it is just too early in the authentication process in the onRedirectCallback.
I tried a useEffect to look for changes in the user, but that doesn’t catch anything.

How would I get access to the user object to check the role to write some logic to route them appropriately? I very well might be overlooking something, or approaching this in a poor manner. Thanks in advance for your assistance.