React Native - “You should not be hitting this endpoint”

I’m trying to login into my native app and this is what I’m getting: “You should not be hitting this endpoint. Make sure to use the code snippets shown in the tutorial or contact for help”


  • react-native-auth0

Current configuration:

const auth0 = new Auth0({
  domain: customDomain,
  clientId: clientID,
  configurationBaseUrl: '',
  overrides: {
    __tenant: 'dev-aura',
    __token_issuer: 'https://${customDomain}'

Please help.


Daniel Berrocal

Hey there Daniel!

Can you share the link to the tutorial that you’re using? Thanks!


This is the tutorial I’ve followed Auth0 React Native SDK Quickstarts: Login , at the very beggining I was using the application domain and it was working, but we already have a custom domain (we need to have it), so after I changed the domain in my native app I started getting that error, so I looked at this other threads:

Tried to follow the suggestions there, but it didn’t work.


Thanks for sharing that context. In order to handle that most effectively can I ask you to raise the issue in the quickstart repo and then share it here so we can connect you with the quickstart maintainer? Thank you!

Here is the link to the issue Unable to login using Custom Domain · Issue #36 · auth0-samples/auth0-react-native-sample · GitHub

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Thanks a lot I just pinged repo maintainers about that!

Awesome, hope they can help me out.


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They should reach out to you via the issue soon!