React-native-auth0 with tvOS


I’m trying to install the react-native-auth0 SDK in my react-native app. I’m using Expo and it fails on my npx expo run:ios command with the following error message:

⚠️  Something went wrong running `pod install` in the `ios` directory.
Command `pod install` failed.
└─ Cause: The platform of the target `StaylivetvOS-tvOS` (tvOS 13.0) is not compatible with `A0Auth0 (3.0.1)`, which does not support `tvOS`.

As you may see in the error message this is a Apple TV app (not native, using react-native-tvos, which is built on top of react-native)

My question is: is it even possible to use the react-native-auth0 SDK with the tvOS target?

Thanks in advance!